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Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism


More than 20 years of existence and promotion of entrepreneurship in market environment and international contacts have brought the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism to the position of an institution greatly respected by its members, professional public, state authorities and also professional European organizations.

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 What the confederation represents

  • top, independent, voluntary and a lobby organization
  • federations, associations, big retail a distribution companies, consumer co-operatives, groups of independent retailers and franchise networks, small a medium enterprises in the commerce and hospitality sector, tourism and related services
  • a regional-structured organization that by means of its regional representation cooperates with municipal authorities to develop the regions socially and economically


Social partner

  • representing employers in sectoral social dialog and collective bargaining with the Trade Union of Workers in Commerce and the Czech-Moravian Trade Union of Catering, Hotels and Tourism
  • bargainor of the Collective agreement on higher level in the sector of commerce and tourism
  • member of employer’s delegation in the Council of Economic and Social Agreement of theCzechRepublic  (Tripartite)
  • compulsory body for comments on legislation (significant amending element in legislation) in the area of labour relations and social conditions, participant in the relevant inter-sectoral amendment proceedings for legislation proposals and changes


Entrepreneurial interests’ defender

  • a lobbyist at the Czech government, among members of the Parliament and their clubs, as well as at the committees of the Czech Parliament in commerce and tourism
  • partner for cooperation with Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry for the Regional Development, Czech Statistical Office
  • a member of the Economic Chamber of theCzechRepublic; a member of business and professional organizations
  • a member of the Council of the Czech Republic for Quality, Business Council - advisory body of the Government, the Statistic Council of the Czech Republic, and the Coordinating Group for food safety and other professional authorities
  • the Confederation is the protector of interests of entrepreneurs in the commerce and tourism sectors with respect to interests of consumer public, law, assertion of ethical and auto-regulative principals in business


 Support of real aid to SME´s

  • advisory services for easier access to funding from European, national and regional programmes
  • defender of equal business conditions for SME´s and supporter of their preferences
  • representative of the Czech independent retailers in the Union of groups of independent retailers ofEurope- UGAL
  • advocate of European Charter for SME
  • initiator of series of necessary arrangements concerning direct and indirect support of SME


Part of the European commerce

  • a representative of Czech commerce and member of the board of European top organization of commerce EuroCommerce,Brussels; member of the Union of groups of independent retailers of Europe UGAL,Brussels; member of European Research Institute of Commerce EuroHandelsinstitut, Köln
  • an organization which through its member National Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic represents interests of Czech entrepreneurs in tourism in top international organizations of hotel industry and gastronomy HOTREC a IH&RA
  • a lobby organization enforcing relevant interests of Czech entrepreneurs in commerce and tourism in relation to European Parliament and other European institutions in creating and changing European legislation through the relevant professional European organizations,
  • participant of the European Social Dialogue


Source of professional information

  • an organizer of specialized conferences, seminars and workshops
  • creator and co-publisher of many special anthologies, manuals and other aids
  • expert point to consult and solve professional problems
  • professional partner of Inspection Authorities for questions of prevention; and discussion regarding experience with safety policy performance as well as product quality and distribution, quality and hygiene of hospitality services etc.
  • information point for entrepreneurs at the Economic Chamber of theCzechRepublic– branch information coordinator and editor of professional manuals for small businesses in commerce and tourism


Positive image maker for commerce and tourism

  • participant and promoter of commerce at large numbers of fairs and expositions
  • intermediary for internal and media presentations regarding the interests and needs of its individual and collective members
  • co-organizer of the biggest international professional conference in theCzechRepublicfor business development „Retail Summit“
  • active participant of the annual top meeting of hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses         “Hospitality & Tourism Summit” and also other fairs of tourism