Unfair Trading Practices – Fairness for farmers and consumers – not profit for multinationals

Publikováno: 10. 9. 2018

The SCA and Agriculture Council will be asked over the coming weeks to decide on a set of amendments presently being rushed through the institutional process, the most fundamental of which is to give large manufacturers, who operate all over the world, the same protection as small farmers and SMEs.

In a briefing note circulated to SCA members ahead of their meeting today, EuroCommerce raises major concerns over the legality and the unintended consequences of extending the scope of the directive to large suppliers, and calls on member state representatives to maintain the balance the Commission has sought in their proposal.

Christian Verschueren, EuroCommerce Director-General, said:

The Commission proposal is aimed at supporting farmers and small manufacturers: their own impact assessment presented strong evidence that further skewing the balance of power to massively profitable multinationals would put up prices and harm the consumer, with no evidence that any of the extra money earned by these industrial giants would be fed back to farmers.”

The EuroCommerce briefing note argues that: 

  • the proposal is based on Article 43(2) TFEU, and therefore needs to demonstrate a direct benefit to farmers and/or consumers. A transaction involving an industrial food product sold by a large manufacturer to a retailer ceased long ago being a transaction involving a farmer and thus cannot be covered under an agriculture legal base.
  • the directive gives rights to suppliers, but none to buyers. In adding to the power and profits of the largest players in the supply chain, but giving no rights to buyers who are smaller than them, the important rights of equality and non-discrimination laid down in European law are being cast aside.

The full text of the statement is attached overleaf, along with facts and figures underlying the arguments in the statement, setting out the reality of how the food supply chain works.

PDF version of the press release is available here.

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