SCI 3rd Annual Report (24 Jan 2017)

Publikováno: 12. 2. 2017

The report shows that a large majority of companies are satisfied with how the initiative has helped them in their relationships with others in the supply chain. 71% respondents say that they are either satisfied or very satisfied.

The figures for SMEs show a similar result, with two-thirds reporting satisfaction with the initiative. There is real progress also in training: 93% of companies report having trained their staff (up from 87% last year) – some 37,000 (compared to 20,000 in 2015). 86% have told their business partners that they are registered under the SCI and explained the commitments that they have made.

The number of complaints reported remains low: 43 companies report facing an alleged breach of the SCI principles in 2016. 70% of these were resolved informally. 9 companies report having received 44 complaints (49 in 2015 and 39 in 2014), the vast majority of which were resolved internally (52%) or through mediation (44%). 3 companies report receiving complaints from another country.

The report also looks at the reasons why companies are less satisfied with what the initiative delivered: the key reason for disappointment is that their business partners are not registered with the SCI.

View the whole report here.



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