EuroCommerce launches its “shopping for growth” manifesto

Publikováno: 26. 11. 2013

Manifesto with key messages ahead of the European Parliament elections and new European Commissioners in 2014. Presented at 20th anniversary dinner to President Van Rompuy

EuroCommerce today celebrates its 20th anniversary. The European association for retail, wholesale and international trade launches a Manifesto with key messages ahead of the European Parliament elections and the new team of European Commissioners in 2014.


Speaking at the event, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, President of EuroCommerce said, “The retail and wholesale sector, the largest employer of young people in Europe, has a prominent role to play in reigniting growth and prosperity for the next generation. We are today launching our Manifesto. Our main themes will be:

  • First, encouraging growth through innovation and improving the lives of consumers by maximising the digital and mobile revolution;
  • Second, making markets more open and improving European competitiveness, so that we are not left behind by Asia;
  • Third, further nurturing sustainable enterprises and supporting fair supplier relations through joint voluntary endeavour.”


Upon receiving the Manifesto, President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy said, “Jobs remain the ultimate goal. But it's only going to work if businesses – and especially retail – are actively involved. Helping entrepreneurship spread, one new worker at a time: it’s our surest path back to lasting growth.”


The European retail, wholesale and international trade sector is undergoing a major transformation, driven primarily by the rapid expansion of the digital economy. Shops are adapting at pace, anticipating customers’ changing needs and preferenc­es. This e-commerce revolution has coincided with continuing recession in many Member States. Consumer spending is down and competition is fierce, putting a premium on innovation and efficiency, while making it harder to earn a return on investment.




For further information, please contact:

Marjolein Raes

Director of Advocacy & Communications

Tel: +32 2 737 05 99

Manifesto is attached or can be downloaded here:




Czech version at:

Manifest evropského obchodu „Nákupem k růstu“

Manifest nazvaný „Nákupem k růstu“, v němž EuroCommerce stanovuje svoje priority pro nový Evropský parlament a Evropskou komisi


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