EP Study “Consumer Behaviour in a digital environment”

Publikováno: 15. 9. 2011

How to better achieve an effective single market
The European Parliament has published a study on “Consumer behaviour in a digital environment” commissioned from London School of Economics (see attachment), analysing consumer behaviour and the interaction between consumers and businesses in the digital environment. The study was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection and it involved a limited stakeholder consultation and also looked at existing literature and market developments. The study is part of an ongoing reflection in the EU institutions on how to better achieve an effective single market, particularly in the digital space. In addition, the study provides information about the extent of e-commerce in Europe and examines how sellers have adjusted their behaviour to the digital environment. The focus was on how consumers benefit from the digital environment and whether and how they change their purchasing behaviour. Please find attached a EuroCommerce circular shortly summarising the main findings, obstacles identified for both businesses and consumers and the recommendations made by the study
Further attachments:

·        The study on “Consumer behaviour in a digital environment”

·        Presentation to the European Parliament by London School of Economics (30 August 2011). Information can be found also at: http://edri.org or http://recent-ecl.blogspot.com

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