EU-Korea trade deal: A boost for retail and wholesale

Publikováno: 7. 10. 2010

Bold signal against protectionism
PRESS RELEASE EuroCommerce EuroCommerce welcomes the signature of the comprehensive free trade agreement between the EU and South Korea. “This is a great day for European commerce. The European Commission has positively responded to our requests”, said Xavier Durieu, Secretary General of EuroCommerce. “In the current economic environment, the EU-Korea deal is exactly the right signal against protectionism. Open markets sustain growth and prosperity” continued Xavier Durieu. The agreement, delivered by the European Commission after only two years of trade negotiations, significantly improves the conditions for European retailers and wholesalers on the Korean market. The abolition of size restrictions will allow retailers to freely choose the format of their stores in Korea. Unlike today, they will also be allowed to offer an almost complete range of goods to Korean consumers. This will not only enhance their competitiveness on the highly challenging Asian market, but also act as a catalyst for European exports. Korea counts among the biggest trading partners of the European Union. The trade deal brings European retailers and wholesalers access to 50 million consumers and is the most ambitious trade agreement the EU has ever negotiated. Andreas Berger Adviser for Enlargement and International Trade T:+32 2 737 05 97 This press release is also available on our web-site: / press / press releases
Autor: Hanka Michovska



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