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Thanks to the participation of more than 850 delegates Retail Summit 2010 became the biggest gathering of key CEE retail market players in the sixteen years history of this event. Research among the participants has proved another - even more pleasing - highlight of this conference year: its information value was perceived as the highest one in the last ten years.  This can be explained by excellent and well-balanced level of all discussion sessions of the Retail Summit 2010. Several respondents have stated that „the discussions were significantly better than in previous years“, „the quality of all conference parts was comparably high“ and „one can learn something interesting in any session“.  Ten out of 13 discussion sessions got the school mark better than two (in the Czech system this means something between excellent and very good). The individual evaluation numbers given to discussion panels differ very little – so it wouldn’t be fair to highlight some of the winners. The only exception we can make is the CEO panel opening the summit prepared by Zdenek Juračka of the Czech Confederation of Commerce (SOCR CR) with panellists – CEOs of retailers and manufacturers and with Finance Minister Eduard Janota and analyst Tomáš Sedláček. This panel was according to participants “the best kick-off of this summit ever” and was rewarded by excellent average mark 1,4. “Perfect mix of panellists”, “brilliant moderation of media star Jan Pokorny” and “absolute openness, interactivity and different points of view” contributed to the positive acceptance. Many respondents valued very special discussion entries of Czecho-Slovak tycoon Andrej Babiš who has obviously enjoyed his first conference participation ever. The speeches in the main plenary session got high scores as well, fully comparable with successful last year’s evaluation. The highest resonance (expressed by the 1,6 school mark) gained the speech of Prof. Goetz Werner (“unique, fantastic, inspiring”). One quote representing prevailing opinion coming out of the survey: “The speaker has an incredible charisma. His speech went deep under my skin and injected optimism into me, enabling to trust that ideas of humanity and personal growth can work even in business”. Other ranks of virtual speakers‘ hit parade were kept by Petr Bena of Procter & Gamble (“right to the topic – very relevant”, “clear message– real best practices!”) and Thomas Bachl of GfK (”these data are useful“, “interesting facts partly very different from what some retailers try to say”). The participants‘ feedback on new concept of the evening party was positive as well. They have appreciated the focus on support of La Sophia foundation helping the children in need to the real „bounce-off-the-bottom“. Respondents have used the survey to communicate many valuable remarks and ideas how to improve the program, organization and hotel services. Summit organization team has already started to analyze all ideas in order to implement them within the preparations of 2011 Summit scheduled for February 1 & 2, 2011.
Basic Facts on the Retail Summit 2010
  • Retail Summit 2010 has been prepared by the Czech Association of Commerce and Tourism (SOCR ČR), University of Economics in Prague and Blue Events agency and continued the tradition of 15 years of this large retail conference. The summit kept its focus on the Czech market but was important international event as well thanks to highly representative speakers’ panel and participants from 24 countries.
  • This year of the summit welcomed the highest number of delegates in the whole 16 years history. More than 850 people took part in various parts of the conference representing first of all retailers (30% of participants) and manufacturers (28%). Communication and information companies, public sector, media, financial institutions, schools and expert institutions sent other participants.
  • Summit was supported by several tens of companies and institutions. Special thanks of organizers go to expert guarantor SAP, exclusive supplier of mobility Hyundai and to main communication partner Telefónica O2.                                                                                                                                                    

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