Jerry Singh, main star of Category Management 2009 conference, on Global Recession

Publikováno: 8. 9. 2009

Category Management 2009 conference (November 18).
The hottest question on Category Management is obvious: What is the effect of the current Global recession on Category Management? We can expect retail giants like Walmart, Tesco or Carrefour to continue their emphasis on private label in today’s economic environment, so how does it affect Category Management? Jerry Singh, one of the leading gurus of category management, has clear answer to that. “While it is true that in the current Global recession consumers have become much more price conscious, and retailers have increased their focus on private label—it has only made Category management more important! This is because it is now even more important to understand the Category and the interplay of Private Label and Branded goods. The manufacturers have also responded by introducing cheaper or more ”basic” items. Increased collaboration in the value chain also helps reduce inventory and cash management.” Do not miss the opportunity to meet Jerry in person in Prague and discuss all core questions with him within Category Management 2009 conference (November 18). Get deep insight into category management and its future within special session of CatMan Academy on November 19 & 20! For details please visit
Autor: Hanka Michovska



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