RetailTech Congress, Warsaw, 9th-10th May 2007.

Publikováno: 26. 3. 2007

3rd Annual European Congress Focusing Upon Retail Technology & Service Delivery Excellence
full access to the multi-stream conference program with keynote presentations as well as to the congress floor, for business networking, meetings not only with speakers but with all participants, potential customers · access to the VIP cocktail reception for further networking with senior directors · Lunch · restricted pre-event messenger website to set up meetings Most companies are not only coming to listen to the presentations, but also to make use of the networking and business opportunities. For further information about the event and for references about our 20 year world-wide experience in the business, please check out our websites:, www.retailtechcongress .com, for more info contact: Gabriella Zatyko marcusevans Váci utca 81 1056 Budapest Hungary Tel:+36-1-887-1234 Fax:+36-1-887-1201 email:
Autor: Hanka Michovska

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