DG SANCO has published a consultation document on labelling

Publikováno: 1. 6. 2006

While many aspects fall under labelling of food, the consultation is also being extended to cover non-food products.

Attached you find:

  • DG SANCO Consultative Document on Labelling, Competitiveness, Consumer Information and Better Regulation for the EU

  • EuroCommerce comments regarding DG Sanco Consultative Document

One of the committees that EuroCommerce would like to consult on this issue is the SME Committee, in relation to social standards (this issue is not named as such, though needs some consideration):

  • Safety labelling and standards (considered by consumers as essential, but not easily recognised). Consumers have also said that they wish more information on health (allergens in cosmetics, textiles and furniture fabrics), environment (effects on ozone layer of aerosols, recycling and biodegradability) and sustainability (production of fibres for textiles and wood for furniture);

  • Origin labelling for non-food products (possible proposal on a compulsory origin marking scheme for a number of sectors, taking into account views and interests of consumers and covering third countries);

  • Safety - general simplification;

  • Global harmonisation of labelling of chemical products (in collaboration with Reach), covering consumer education, execution and presentation;

  • Use of standards/guidelines;

  • Increase of consumer knowledge;

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