Social Affairs Committee meeting, EuroCommerce - draft minutes

Publikováno: 13. 4. 2006

Summary of the Main Decisions Taken

Green Paper on Labour Law

The participants suggested sending a letter, to be drafted by the Working Group, clarifying potential risks. The chairman also requested for the participants to start reflecting on how to react. Mr. Pierre Chalançon suggested providing DG EMPL with the necessary input before the meeting, as gender, posting of workers and the Lisbon strategy will be used to justify legislation in this field.

Transferability of pensions

Participants agreed for EuroCommerce to draft a summary of the UNICE position and together with the help of some members-experts to elaborate on this document in order to obtain a EuroCommerce position.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The secretariat briefly outlined the CSR Communication and members agreed that the EuroCommerce WG on CSR will meet in due course in order to prepare for Euro Commerce's follow-up.

Consultation on the “Communication concerning a consultation on action at EU level to promote the active inclusion of the people from the labour market”

A circular has been sent by the secretariat. Members were invited to reflect on the issue and to come back to the secretariat with views on the action to be taken. Most participants agreed this should be left at national level and should be up to the Member States.


Metro, Tesco and Carrefour are invited to organise a conference call on the issue. The ERRT will be invited to give their views on the issue at the next SAC meeting.

Stakeholders' map

To be invited to the next meeting: Robert Strauss.

The chairman suggested for some members to go and see Ms Patricia Lamotte of DG Internal Market.

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