Revised Commission proposal on Services - Mixed feelings...

Publikováno: 5. 4. 2006

The Commission has adopted its revised proposal on the Directive on Services in the Internal Market, following the first reading of the European Parliament of February.
EuroCommerce is generally satisfied with the outcome concerning the chapter on establishment, considering this as a step in the right direction towards cutting red tape and therefore enabling companies to have easy access to important information when establishing abroad. However, EuroCommerce regrets that no clear commitment has been imposed on the Member States to simplify their national procedures and formalities, the risk being that the some existing protectionist barriers will remain. As far as the chapter on cross border provision of services is concerned, EuroCommerce, representing a significant sector using services from other companies, is only partly satisfied with the new wording of art 16. Even though we understand the Commission’s intention to remain as close as possible to the compromise reached in first reading in the European Parliament, Xavier R. Durieu, Secretary General, said that “the lack of legal certainty may still represent an unfortunate hindrance to companies to provide services across borders”. EuroCommerce understands that the whole political debate around this provision comes mainly from fact that the conditions for reciprocate trust between Member States still needs to be built. We therefore consider the chapter on administrative cooperation as one of the main tools to achieve this, conscious of the fact that this will, in the end, lead Member States and citizens to better accept a principle which, far from being new at the European level, is still the source of political misunderstanding. As a further step in this direction, we urge the Commission to finalise, as quickly as possible, the Internal Market Information system, which represents one of the main concrete instruments to that end. It is now up to the Council to adopt a common position, hoping that it will not further water down what we consider as a smallest common denominator for improving the internal market for services.
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