Eurocommerce Circular N° 5/2006

Publikováno: 13. 3. 2006

EuroCommerce’s participation into the Tripartite Social Summit – position on the posting of workers - deadline for replies 21 March 2006.
Dear Members, We are pleased to inform you that EuroCommerce obtained a seat through the European Employers’ Network in the Triparte Social Summit, which will take place on 23 March next. Our President, Dr. Peter Bernert, will participate as well as our Secretary General, Xavier R. Durieu. One of the topics will be the practical implementation of the posting of workers’ Directive. UNICE’s position is known to us, we would like you to confirm whether EuroCommerce could go hand in hand and stress the following points: The content of the posting of workers’ directive remains valid and there is no reason to modify it. Both the general approach and the provisions of the posting of workers directive make it possible to address the issue related to cross-border posting of workers in the EU. 2 areas should be the focus of attention: improving the quality and accessibility of information on the rights and obligations stemming from the transposition of directive in the 25 Member States and administrative cooperation. Making progress on these 2 aspects is in the interest of companies, workers and society as a whole. A Commission services report could add value if: * it provided factual and up-to-date information on practical implementation issues, * explained the legal meaning of the Directive in a user-friendly way and * made it possible to publicise the information contained in the country sheets currently being prepared by the Member States Please also recall that our joint statement with UNI-Europa stressed that it must be underlined that there are major concerns with regard to the provisions concerning the employment and working conditions of workers producing the services covered by the proposed directive. These should comply with the standards and regulations of the countries where the work is carried out, as also foreseen by the Directive 96/71 on the posting of workers, and the competent authorities and social partners in the receiving countries should have easy access to all information necessary for monitoring these conditions. A directive should not open the doors for socially unfair competition. Ann Vervondel Project officer & Assistant
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